The Dreaded "N" Word...Naptime!!

I know it's silly, but we do disguise our words sometimes when, as a parent, we need to say something but we don't want to trigger a tantrum.

For Nina, these are two words: Naptime and Bedtime.

I was talking to a gamer friend yesterday and they heard Nina having a fit in her room and asked what was wrong. Without thinking, I said, "Oh I just said the N word. She's fine." He was...very confused until I realized my mistake and clarified that I meant Naptime!

I always found it funny how parents disguise some words to keep the peace, yet I do it, too! It's like the "Mommy-Daddy Swear Word List"! None of it is actually bad, and yet they can create havoc with a toddler! When the B-word is Bedtime and so on lol

    I'm lucky, Tristen normally is ready for bedtime..if I ever told him he'd have to take a nap though, he would probably nut up. Lol
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