Tips for a successful fertilization?

S.O and I have been TTC a second child for a couple of months now to no avail. Our first child was unplanned, so I'm not sure that what we're doing is going to work or not or if my body has changed since my first pregnancy to make things more difficult (not to mention that that was nearly 4 years ago). Tips?

    Do you chart your cycles? You can tell the fertile time of the month (the best time to conceive) by doing this. Take your temp with a basal thermometer (available at a drug store) before you get out of bed in the morn. This is your basal body temp. It will be consistent, but when you ovulate, it will jump by several tenths of a degree and remain high till you start your period. The day it jumps, you may be fertile.

    Another way (much easier) to chart fertility is to check your mucus. Usually it will be thin, the consistency of water. When it's thick and yellow or greenish-yellow, you are fertile. Do you ever feel like you wet your pants? You are VERY fertile at that time!

    Good luck!
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