OK I now I will sound like a fool but...... My daughter is almost 4 months old. We where doing so well with nursing but for the last couple months she has been fighting me. She is teething. My milk supply is at an all time low, I've tried pumping, continuous nursing, fenugreek and lactation cookies... Nothing is working and I am completely heartbroken. Any advice on increasing my supply would be absolutely appreciated!!!

    Typically about 3-4 months in your supply will seem like it has gone down. This is just your breasts adjusting to how much milk your baby is telling your body it needs to produce. You won't get that over full feeling often any longer. With both of mine, I pumped tons of milk in the first few months then at about 4 months was no longer able to pump any milk out. My daughter is 9 months old and HUGE! Even though it feels like there isn't much milk, she still gets plenty.
    Also, some babies go on nursing strikes. It doesn't mean they aren't getting enough. Sometimes if they have experienced a bottle, they will prefer that because the milk is easier to get out. We still use a newborn nipple with our 9 month old so that she prefers nursing.
      She's not nursing at all. I can't pump nor express and milk. But a week ago she was eating just fine, now I can't get her to eat at all. She ducks for a second then screams at me.
        Have you changed your diet? The food you eat can affect your breast milk, strange as it may seem. A food you've eaten can make your milk taste bad. When I nursed, I had to stay away from chocolate. Medication can also affect your milk, even something as simple as an aspirin.
          The only thing that had changed is we are not eating out any more. And I've been eating lsctation cookies. I'm pretty sure I'm done breastfeeding. I tried last night and after 3 minutes of fighting and switching sides she had to have bottle. So even supplementing seems to be out of the question.
            Mine always fight me about that age. She's becoming more aware that there's things to watch and doesn't want to settle down. Giving a bottle makes it easier-they don't have to suck as hard. Mine always settled down and ate if they were actually hungry and not nursing for comfort. Sometimes all they wanted was to cuddle and the only way they knew they'd get mom is to act hungry.
              I'm hoping that it's just because she is teething. She is so hungry but her gums are swollen. Maybe once her teeth come through I can fully breastfeed again.
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