OMG...A MUST CATCH UP!!! Lost this site for so long it made me cry!!!

Hey Ladies, so much has happened since I was last on here. My laptop messed up & I had lost all my bookmarks & had been searching for this site for months now. As many of you recall my husband & I had been married almost 6yrs trying for a baby & never had any luck at all. Well, I am happy to say that we are now almost 38 weeks pregnant with a baby girl!!! I'm telling you there's so much I have to catch up on on here. :) How are all of my long lost friends?

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I've been w/my husband almost 7yrs & married for almost 6. We'd been trying since we got married to have a baby, & it just wasn't happening. We had both went to the doctor & nothing was wrong w/either of us. I had given up, but now we are finally pregnant.