38 Weeks & Miserable

So, I am now 38 weeks today (Tuesday) & 100% miserable...yes, I know it's all going to be well worth it once she is in my arms...but man I wish there was something I could do to speed the time up. I am ready for her to be here instead of in my ribs lol. Have any of you ever naturally brought on labor around this time, & if so what did you do to do so?

    There are lots of things you can try but baby is gonna come when baby is ready...this stage of pregnancy is always brutal! You're almost there!!!!
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    I've been w/my husband almost 7yrs & married for almost 6. We'd been trying since we got married to have a baby, & it just wasn't happening. We had both went to the doctor & nothing was wrong w/either of us. I had given up, but now we are finally pregnant.