Boooooo... :( 38 Weeks & Only 1cm.

So, I had a baby doctors appointment baby girl's heartbeat is perfect, she's still pretty active, her head is in place (explains all the pressure), but I'm 38 weeks today & still only at a 1...I've been at 1 since about 36 weeks...I feel like I'm never going to get to the end of my pregnancy. I am so ready to meet my BEAUTIFUL baby girl!!!

    Melissa Middleton
    I know the feeling! I was there two weeks ago. Hang in there...She'll be here soon and the days after will fly by oh so fast.
      you are farther along than I was. Hang in there. I was 2 days away from 41 weeks, and not even at a 1.
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      I've been w/my husband almost 7yrs & married for almost 6. We'd been trying since we got married to have a baby, & it just wasn't happening. We had both went to the doctor & nothing was wrong w/either of us. I had given up, but now we are finally pregnant.