Am I the Only One?

So mommy's am I the only crazy one who has actually gone through & picked out every "My 1st" outfit for the Holiday's before your baby is even here yet? I can't help it...I know not to buy the stuff (due to sizes), but I still like having it all picked relaxes me, & somewhat distracts me from these last 2 week pains I've been having. Like right now I've already picked out my baby girl's St. Patrick's Day, Easter, 4th of July, Halloween (outfit & costume), Thanksgiving, & Christmas dresses lol. I believe I might be borderline crazy lol.

    I did it for my both my girls. For my oldest since she was born two days before St. patty's day, she had two st. patty's day outfits and a baseball shirt and hat that my husband picked out to watch the cubbies games that baseball season. For my second, my oldest picked out a thanksgiving outfit for her since she was born around turkey day and I picked out a Christmas outfit.
      Melissa Middleton
      Lol...Crazy? No, just an excited Mommy. Enjoy picking and choosing what she is going to wear because the day will come when they start protesting it...even the shoes. Lol
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