So I found out that my husband and I make a little too much to qualify for WIC. I applied for the Bridge Card. But is there any other ways to get help? I am due at the beginning of October of this year and so I will be staying home. And my husband thinks he will have to work 2 jobs. Any help would be great.

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      My brother was telling me yesterday that we could try to reapply for WIC after the baby is born considering I will be staying home and it will be just my husbands income.
        Try again after you are staying at home. We didn't qualify when I was working, but do now that I'm stay at home again. The WIC employees might now where else you can try for help, too.
        We get a lot of Sam's, cloth diaper (which helps A LOT with the diaper and wipe cost), also has some good prices.
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