Hospital Trip Saturday:

So, Saturday I got worried bc I hadn't felt my LO move in like 8 hours...I tried drinking juice, eating cotton candy, laying on my left side...everything they tell you to do & still nothing so being a FTM & VERY worried I went up to L&D. They hooked me up & not long after she started kicking them belts like crazy...her heartbeat was perfect, & all. They kept me hooked up & apparently I was having REAL contractions (some were VERY strong according to the nurse, but I did't feel them...I mean I had a very slight pain in my back (but that NEVER goes away), I had several, but they were all over the place some 2 minutes apart, some 8, & others they sent me home & told me if I started feeling any cramping, spotting, bleeding, ect to come back...needless to say I ended up having to go back bc the pain in my back got worse & the cramps in my stomach doubled me over...hooked back up (only 1cm & have been since 36 weeks, I'll be 39 weeks tomorrow) still having contractions some I REALLY felt others I didn't, but still all over the place so they sent me home told me to drink LOTS of water & pretty much put me on bedrest (not strict, but told me to not over do it when I'm up either) bc everything was fine with baby girl, my blood pressure was great, but my heart rate was 147 & didn't want to come down.

    Sometimes when you are in labor, you won't feel baby move as much...glad everything is ok :-) sadly the beginning of labor can last for several days sometimes. Hopefully baby is here by now :-)
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