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I am pregnant in second trimester. I have so much sickness and don't want to eat anything. I have no taste in food. Give me some suggastions. Thanks

    You have to eat something... What I can eat without getting sick changes every pregnancy and as much as to every few weeks sometimes.
    Greens are really good for baby, try to eat salads with chicken, sunflower seeds and a variety of greens. Spinach, romaine lettuce, iceberg lettuce.. The more greens, the higher the vitamin k, sunflower seeds have omegas in them which are good for baby, too.
    Eggs are great for baby-especially the yolk and provide you with a lot of protein. The yolks contain cholin which helps with baby's brain development. Personally, I can't stand eggs when I'm not pregnant, so I coat them cheese and eat bread with jelly with them. Omelets, cheese sandwich with scrambled eggs in the middle are the easiest on me.
    I know many women who can do smoothies, add a variety of berries (fresh or frozen), you can change the flavor every time and some find it easier to sip than chew.
    Personally, I am having a hard time with pasta this pregnancy, so when I make that for everybody else, I have something else.. usually salad. Chocolate milk has been helping the heart burn. I also use peppermint tea, papaya enzyme (chewables at Walmart) and ginger. Sometimes it helps, sometimes it doesn't. Somedays I have to force myself to eat, because I need the nourishment.
    I went through a month where I could eat nothing but tomato soup. So I ate a lot of tomato soup. Then overnight it changed.
    Lately eating citrus has been helping the heart burn (weird, but whatever). So I'm keeping oranges in the house.
    Find what you can eat and stick with it.
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      What about making smoothies with Kale and strawberries or other varieties?
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