Finally went pregnancy shopping

Well I did get some nice shorts that give my baby room to grow. And they were only 6 dollars each. I just don't like looking at the size anymore the shorts I got were size 11 I just about cried in the dressing room. I'm use to being small and thinking about getting bigger after the baby is born really bothers me.

    I wore a lot of baby doll style shirts when I carried my second one thru the summer time as they were more comfortable when it is hot and carrying a baby makes you even hotter.
    As for the baby weight, trust me, I went thru the same thing, I am only 5ft tall and I was a size two before I got pregnant with each of my girls and it was my husband that was my rock in re-assuring me that it was OK to gain weight while I was carrying my girls. That being said, It took about a year to lose the weight, but I was able to get back down to a size 3-4 after having them.
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