What does daycare or preschool expect your child to know?

A lot of people have been telling me my son should be potty trained by now. But he isn't really picking up on how to do it yet. And other people say they didn't start potty training till there child was 3 or 4. Do all daycares and preschools expect you to have your child totally potty trained?

    It does depend on the school... Personally, I would think helping potty train would come with daycare. My daughter had to be trained before she could go to school-they expected accidents and asked each parent to keep at least two complete changes of clothes in the book bag along with a plastic bag for each change and would clean them up, help them change if an accident did happen-but that depends on the school and sometimes even the teacher.
      Bethany Reilly
      How old is your son? Mines 2 years and 4 months and he's potty training. But not out in public yet. We do pull ups when we go out and at nap and bedtime. He still isn't dry for two hours yet.
      But your son will be ready when he's ready.
        At our daycare, they should be potty trained by 3 or before they can move into the preschool room. My daughter has no interest in potty training ... even though many of the kids in her class at daycare are working on it. She is almost 2 1/2. We figure it will come eventually and it's not worth the fight at this point.
          Totally depends on the school. Usually prek (which is usually 4 years old) they want the child potty trained. Many day cares have programs for each age group. Your best bet is to call around and they can give you a general idea. Personally nobody can force you to potty train your son or tell you WHEN to train your son. They all potty train at different times. If you've tried and he doesn't seem interested, than he is just not ready.
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