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Trying to cope in a trying time.

March 2, 2016

Being in an uncomfortable position of helplessness is very hard to cope with from your handle there is not much you can do to control your situations in the way you would like it to be.
Totally depending or relying on God is another challenge in itself. Cheer up they tell you but who is willing to carry the load for a while for you while you rest.
Another thing they are quick to say is be strong, how can you when your faith is drained and you are physically tired of thinking, worrying, praying or even seeking assistance.
What do you do in the case of an illness that you depends entirely on medications to function as a regular or a normal person?
On the outward appearance you seem fine and you smile or laugh but inside you hurt so bad that you wonder if anyone notice or even hear it deep in your heart you are crying. But they say God sees and knows so where he is when it pains so bad, the fear hugs you like your clothes, you are unable to move or speak.
As you wait to be relieved, you wonder how will you cope or manage in the present moment of your mess or testing.
Hold on they say with a blind eye because you can’t see God.

Penned by Suzette A.G. Richards
Copyright © 2016
I wrote this in class while experiencing a panic attack. Didn’t want to take the pill so I used my pen instead.

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