As far as I'm aware of, I've only ever met one other person with a birth mark before, and that was this past year. A nurse at one of my OBGYN visits had a small wine-stain birthmark on her right hand. We high-fived over it.

I've always had a very large, very vibrant birthmark on my inner left thigh. My mom says when I was little, it was just a large, red oval. As I've grown, it's moved with my skin and now is a large, splotchy red area all the way from certain pelvic areas down to my inner knee. I used to be incredibly ashamed of it. It embarrassed me, especially when it came time for summer and everyone else wore shorts and short dresses and swimming suits...I would cover it up with jeans or a towel over my swimsuit when out of the water. I've been asked if it was a bruise, or a burn, a rash, or even if Trevor hurt me somehow.

As time's passed, I almost never think of it anymore. I've accepted it as part of me, and it doesn't bother me anymore.

My brother, Ben, and I also have a small brown dot on our right-hand pointer finger, about midway up the first joint, right in the same spot. We used to joke about how we were supposed to be twins but he was lazy and showed up 3 years late to the party. I was born exactly on my due date, like Elodin was, and my Brother's due date was my birthday, but he was a week late instead.

I bring this up because Elodin has two birthmarks. One on the top/crown of his head, and the other at the base of his head where it meets the neck, right at the hairline. I remember being told that if those didn't fade by the time he was a month old, they would be permanent birth marks, but aren't harmful at all. It's just a wine-stain, like my own.

It's silly, but I'm kind of happy he has them. He's only three months old, but he's already shown so much personality and it's all a mirror of my own, whereas Nina has always been very clearly taking after her Daddy's side of the gene pool/personality.

I saw something once that said Birthmarks are where you received a fatal would in a past life...I don't know if I believe that, but I don't have a hardcore set of spiritual beliefs as it is and I think that'd be really cool if it were true...and also a little brutal, considering mine is over an Artery and Elodin's are on his head >.< But just the theory is still interesting.

Do any of you ladies have birthmarks?

    I don't have any...just lots of freckles! Lol both my kids have birthmarks. They have what is called Mongolian Spots. Basically purple spots, that happen to look like bruises. Both kids pretty much have purplish blue backsides....yay me! Lol plus Vivian has them around on wrist and ankle that look like bruises. Tristen has a small spot on one wrist and Vivian has a few really dark purple marks on her backside. I keep a copy of their medical records handy just in case anyone ever sees the spots and doesn't believe what they are. Lol
    Both of them have what they said is a stork bite right in the middle of their foreheads. I'm convinced it's cause their heads were so big that they didn't have enough room in my belly and their faces were pushed up against something. Haha
    My 5 year old nephew has the port wine stains on one of his legs. It runs from his waist all the way to his ankle and completely around his leg.
      Melissa Middleton
      I have one on my rear end. LOL!! One of my many older sisters has one on her neck. Sadly but humorously, it looks like a hickey. Hehe
      My son has one on the back of his lower right thigh. It is in a small, thin line about a quarter inch--barely noticeable.
      My daughter has a brown dot that looks like a beauty mark on her back.
        James has one tiny one at the base of his neck. I have one and a half (the half because it was caused by a doctor). I have one right behind my right knee. It looks like a coffee spill, lol. My half was caused from forceps when I was born. The doctor was supposed to grab my ankle, but grabbed my head instead. I had the mark removed by a laser in 5th grade and it returned about a year later. The doctor told my mom when I was born that the mark would go away (NOT!!). It's on my right temple and it burns like crap if I'm not careful in the sun.
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