Huggies are the cuter diapers, but definitely not on my 'favorite' list right now!

So- Huggies is not my go to diaper for the night time. I don't know if I bought a bad batch lol or what! But, their 12 hour time frame has maybe lasted 4.5 hours a night the last few nights! Because both my kids have gone through and when I go to check on them find they are soaking wet. :( It is not fun for a mom to wake up the babes, change sheets and their pajamas at 2am. Maybe I need to come up with a leak-guard invention!

3Haley WellmanYelm, Washington
    I have to limit how much mine in diapers drinks at night or we have issues, too. She's usually in cloth (2 years old), but it's too much wet on her little bum at night, so we do disposables at night. She's going to start potty training this summer anyway, so might as well start her on limiting drinks now.
    3Haley Wellman
    That is probably a good idea. They both usually eat right before going to bed. My son is 18 months old, he doesn't really show an interest in potty training- although he does immediately go into the bedroom to change a diaper if he poos and I tell him we need to change it lol I wonder what age boys start potty training? Aren't they a little slower than girls? Because my oldest girl was exactly a year when she was using the kids potty.
    If you think he'll do it, try. My son is a little goon. He'll *mostly* use the bathroom for pee, but we are having an awful time with the poop. He's six, I usually start when they are about 2.
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