So if any of my friends that I "talk" to often on here would like to connect on Facebook, let me know...I don't think I will be checking in here as much since we can no longer remove some of the bad content. Thanks ladies :)

    I'm on facebook all the time. I don't mean to start anything, but what does this site consider bad content? I have seen some nasty stuff and was just curious.
    Yeah some of the stuff lately is pretty bad. I think there is some sort of glitch In the system that we cannot remove the Moms expertise. I know I can still remove everything else including deleting their profile but it does not remove the posts. We've contacted them but it is still there.
      I will look you ladies up on Facebook of you dot mind, tabitha I know I've seen you commenting on some a mutual friends page but I'm always careful who I send requests too cause I know a lot of us keep our profiles pretty private :-)
        Yeah, I always forget to tell people my name is Amanda and Amy is my nickname. I've tried to stay somewhat hidden from crazy people! Lol
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