Needing advice about family

I have some family members that have kids my sons age and he has a lot of fun playing with them. But they don't really make there kids listen. And they let them watch things I wouldn't be letting him watch at home. So should I be saying something about it? Or just find other play friends for my son?

    Melissa Middleton
    I am a Christian as well and always remind myself this, "Be careful little eyes what you see; be careful little ears what you hear." We are considered strict to most because we do not allow our children to watch certain shows or movies, either. But, we are their parents and believe we are doing what is best for them. I am not telling you to have your son stop playing with his relatives, but he may begin to reflect their behavior. I wish I had better advice to give you or a gentle approach in telling them your concerns to give you, but I do not. All I know is I do say something when my child(ren) aren't allowed to do certain things, listen to certain songs, or watch certain shows when others let them.
      Personally, I would just pull them aside and just ask if there is anyway that they could watch something else while your son is there. Something more age appropriate. I've had to do that with relatives and friends. It's hard because you don't want to seem rude, but at the same time you would prefer your child not to watch that particular show.
        As for the watching... my sister lets her kids watch movies we won't go near, but she knows my kids don't (because we had the conversation when our oldests were little), so she either leaves the movies off or suggests a different one if they ask...
        As for the discipline.. everybody raises their kids different... When we're with my sister's kids, my kids know the rules are different and they have a little more freedom (jumping hale bales, walking down the life of farm kids vs city kids, nerf gun fights)... But they also know that's their aunt's house and the rules are different.. On the same line, with my in law's kids, they can't play with the one who is closer to their age anymore because they seem him get away with anything and they think they can do the same... then it's unlearning that behavior for a week.

        I would try talking to family members first, keep it nice so they don't feel like you are attacking-I know, it's hard. But try.... If nothing changes, then try meeting on neutral ground (park or such) for a play date away from electronics where you can leave if or when you feel the need.

        He's your kid, you have to do what you and your husband think is best for him. If somebody can't understand that, then (I think) they are better left out of your daily life.
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