Potty Training and Silly Mom "Skills"

Potty Training begins tomorrow...
We tried before, when Nina turned 2 but she didn't seem quite ready. Over the past few months, now that life has settled down again, I think she's ready. She lets me know when she needs a change; she likes to help anyone get dressed/undressed/re-diapered, etc...

I think tomorrow we're gonna go pick out a bunch of underwear for her and start the process with no more diapers except at bedtime because I know she's not ready for a dry bedtime yet every night (though there are many where nothing happens so maybe soon!)

She's got her own Potty Seat, since she doesn't like the mini potties and is too small for the regular seat, so I'm gonna set a Timer for every 30 minutes and that's when we'll go the the bathroom and she'll sit for 5 minutes and we'll see if anything happens, and then set the 30 minute timer again.

My goal is to have her potty trained before her 3rd birthday in a month, which is also around when Daddy should be back home, so it'd be a nice little surprise for him (and money saver because diapers are NOT cheap and we still have Elodin who'll be in diapers for a while lol).


As for Silly Mommy Skills, do you have any?

I can, for example, tell exactly who needs a change or who farted based purely on smell. I can tell between Nina and Elodin, or if it was my husband who farted vs the dog or the kids or a stranger/guest...

I can tell exactly what's happening in any given room of the apartment if we're not all in the same room together, even if it's dead quiet.

I have a running list in my head that automatically updates every day of which toys have what amount of battery power left or which are broken and why and with what to replace it.

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