Long time no post!

Hi mommas! I was absent through most of my pregnancy with Charlie, although I thought about coming here to post frequently. I just couldn't find the time out peace of mind to do so.

We've made some pretty big changes during this pregnancy. First, we moved out of the DC area and closer to family. Sold our lovely first home, unfortunately. I worked out a fill-time remote work arrangement with my employer, so I kept my job, which was a relief.

My pregnancy with Charlie was night and day compared to my pregnancy with Madeleine. This latest one was much worse. In October, I passed out in a grocery store and had to go to the ER. The diagnosis was essentially, "Some pregnant women pass out. You are one of those women." I continued to nurse Madeleine through this pregnancy, and that was ROUGH. Nipple sensitivity was severe, and I lost my milk at 16 weeks, so for a while, she comfort-nursed completely with no nutritive benefit. It was hell, but I couldn't begin to consider weaning, what with all the changes we were throwing at her little three-year-old mind. New home, new daily routines, most of her toys had to be stored until we can find a new permanent home - so I nursed her through it. I did break her of twiddling, however.

Okay, I have an opportunity to shower, so I'm taking it! I will return to post more later today.

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