Potty Training Triumphs

I never thought that I'd be so excited that someone pooped.

The past three days have been an absolute victory for us in the Potty Training circuit! But they've also been annoying and frustrating and silly >.< I just spent 40 minutes dancing around, bouncing toys, etc. to make Nina comfortable enough (or at least laugh enough to loosen up) until she finally pooped for the first time in the potty (the BIG potty, she doesn't like the little one so we got her one of those little potty seats and she loves it).

At first, while drinking lots and lots of water and juice, we tried the method I read about where you go to the bathroom every 15-30 minutes, sit in there for 5 minutes, and go again in another 15/30 minutes. We got nothin from that but annoyance and frustration, despite me trying to keep up a happy attitude. Neither of us liked it.

So we tried ditching Diapers and going to panties and still going in timed intervals...she viewed the panties as comfortable diapers and wet those.

So we ditched the panties and went bare-bottom at timed intervals. We had some accidents, and no potty success. She mostly camel-ed it until Showed Time or the Bed-Time diaper (diapers are only at bedtime because not wetting the bed will take longer).

Soooo we ditched the timer, panties (for now), and diapers.
I just...waited...and waited...and waited. I waited for HER to let me know when she needed to go. If she had an accident, we hurried to the potty and I cleaned up the mess. The first day we had several accidents and no success. The second day, we had two accidents, and shortly after noon, she went pee.

We made a big deal of it! We had snacks and we went "Woo!" and "Yaaaa!" and clapped.

On the third day, we had no accidents, and she did a potty dance every time she had to go and we went potty...but she would still only poo in the night-time diaper.

Here, at the end of the fourth day, we have had no accidents. We're back to wearing Big Girl panties. She does a potty dance and takes my hand when she has to potty, and we go and we have success! We even went to the store today, wearing Big Girl panties (with backup pants/underwear ready) and she still let me know when she had to go and we hurried to the bathroom. We even got a poo today in the potty! Granted, I had to make a fool of myself for almost an hour but it worked!

So it took a week of trying different ways and four days of goin commando, but I think I can almost declare Nina potty-trained!

    Good job Nina! The potty training days can be super frustrating until you learn what works for that kid.
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