Here is a question for you mommas out there

We all know sometimes we get strange cravings when we're pregnant. I have a friend who is sooooo gun-ho that she is pregnant (not due for her period until this weekend). She swears up and down that she is craving pickles and ice cream. Who can honestly say that they HAVE craved pickles and ice cream? I can't say I have because to me (even being pregnant now), it sounds revolting. Don't get me wrong, I would so happy for her if she is pregnant. I just couldn't help laugh when she said that because everyone always thinks of pregnant woman eating pickles and ice cream.

4NicoleLos Lunas, New Mexico
And that's how I was too! But NEVER with ice cream.
    Bethany Reilly
    Never me! My son I craved pizza. My daughter was chocolate milk & mozzarella sticks. And this baby I crave sweets! Lol
      With my oldest it was cheeseburgers and french fries and pickles (NOT with ice cream), my 2nd born was sweet tea, my youngest was hot cheetos, pepsi and m&m's and so far with this pregnancy I've only craved cherry slushes. Part of me thinks that she want's to be pregnant so bad that she is instigating the cravings.
        Melissa Middleton
        Lol...I never have. I never got bizarre cravings, either.
          My strangest was hot cheetos and it's just because I don't like spicy food lol
            Seiconies Wilson
            Not all women who are or were pregnant ate pickles and ice cream! I don't remember what I craved with my first child but my second child I craved jalapeño peppers...and my third child nothing....I couldn't eat! That's why I was in and out of the hospital with my pregnancy with my daughter bc she would drop my blood sugar down
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