Birth Classes, Nursing Classes... !?

Okay Mamas.. my time is ticking!

Did you all take birth classes? nursing classes? did you not?

What do you think is/was valuable.. or why not? :)​

    I took birthing classes with my first... they were very informative... but as I said in previous posts... nothing went the way it "should" have gone with my first delivery...Anyway.. I WISH I would have gone to breastfeeding classes before i had my baby. We had serious latch issues with my first... probably because she was a preemie and a c section. There was a lactation consultant to help in the hospital... but they only had "so" much time to help. During my second pregnancy I learned that there are independent lactation consultants who will come to your house or you can go to their classes. I wish I would have known about that in the beginning because that would have made nursing so much easier during my first baby! ... My suggestion? Go to some nursing classes!
    Your suggestion of perhaps just the nursing class makes me feel better! Is it awful I don't want to go to a birthing class? I just feel like it can all go ANY which way.. I get anxious if I think it should go A CERTAIN way.. I feel like for myself, I will feel better if I take it as it comes.. any which way, does that make any sense? ha!

    I was planning on taking a nursing class tho!
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    Well... I must say that the birthing classes I took were through the hospital ... even though they went a bit overboard on preparing you at least it was good information to know what might happen. for example when i had my first baby and they used a suction to try and get her out at least I knew what it was because of the class and did not freak out when they said it!
      Yes, I did a birthing class at our hospital. Im glad we did, especially since it was our first time. It was a one day 4 hour class. It was a lot of information I kind of already knew but some details I learned and made me feel more familiar and comfortable with the hospital and what all could happen since not all births go as planned. Im glad we took it and felt like it was worth it, not sure if I would do it again with another tho?
        Meg... just do what you feel comfortable with...myself I am an education hog and I went to as many classes as I could regardless if I knew it all already or not! I always took away a little something from a class.
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