Plank til I can't Plank no more ;)

So it's something I have been trying to do until the end.. hoping I can.. but it felt awesome tonight in barre class when I could hold a 90 second floor plank on all fours.. with my baby bump! ha! The sweet teacher even called out to the class that if they should ever feel like giving in.. that I was carrying another PERSON with my plank.. haha! Talk about gravity trying to bring me down!

Was there anything that you could still do up until the end that you were proud of?​

    What exactly is a barre class?
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        Thanks Meg. very interesting! I have never heard about that before! but I KNOW that can be a workout... I was practicing ballet moves with my daughter the other day and it really gave me a workout to do a continual rotation of relevé, plié, and grand plié. Wheew that worked out my thighs!

        i can only imagine planking!
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