Remington's mouth

Ok so last night Remington got tripped over by Gannon and he face planted the tile in the kitchen and so his bottom teeth cut the part of the gum that connects the gum to the upper lip and it won't stop bleeding and we've put pressure on it thought it stopped pleading and he went to bed last night and it started bleeding and woke up this morning bleeding and woke up from his nap bleeding what is the bed way to get it to stop bleeding and not its not reconnected should I take him to his dr????

HaleySpringdale, Arkansas
    hold a cold wet washcloth there if it's still bleeding. There's lots of blood vessels and no fat, so any kind of head wound bleeds a lot. I've had twp kids fall and bite into that little strap ofskin. I just make sure it's not their gums and let it heal. If you're worried call the doctor's office, but I don't think there's anything they can do.
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