Potty training

My oldest daughter went to the doctor the other day. Her doctor told is we need to start potty training her I told her we started and she didn't like it so we stopped after the first day and she said no we need to just get through it. So today we went to get her some prized juice and a potty chart. She drank 3 bottles and her belly is filled ready to pee bur she's scared and won't pee she's just holding it in and telling me she wants her diaper. She started to go and I got excited for her but she still kept stopping. She fell asleep at the potty on my lap. How to I get her to just let it out.

    Start with baby steps. Don't worry so much about getting her to go. Step one is sitting on the potty calmly for 5 minutes (but never more than 10). Make it fun. Read stories or blow bubbles. If she goes, great. If not - reward her for sitting. Eventually she'll just happen to release while sitting because she's relaxed and not thinking about it. Then you give her a big reward!

    2 years old is not very old either, be patient!
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