My hubby and I decided that we are done having babies. During m c section this time, I hemorrhaged on the operating table. I lost a lot of blood. And almost my life. I was told by the doctors that my uterus was stretched very thin. And there's significant amounts of scar tissue. Of course they didn't say I have to get my tubes tied but it's what we feel is best for my safety. I'd like more babies but what happened to me was so scary. I need to remember that my children need their mom.

Bethany ReillyBedford, Virginia
Bethany Reilly
Aw thank you. It has been such a tough decision. The doctors have told me it's a wise decision on our part. They never pressured me or made me feel like I had to do it. But I just know & believe it's the best decision. I'm feeling a lot better. I still get dizzy. And baby boy is good!! He's growing too fast already
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    Bethany Reilly
    Thanks momma❤️ Congratulations on your baby girl.
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