I find it really crappie that my husband and I are the only one's who got my mom something for mother's day. My own father couldn't get her anything and neither did my sister's.

You'd think that they would because she DOES EVERYTHING! Cooks, clean, folds the clean clothes. Everything. And this is the thanks she gets.

I am the oldest of four. There's me I'm 23. Then Savanna she 16, Then Krissy she's 14 then lastly there's Miles he is 6.

And my husband and I were the only ones who thought of her!!! Ugh that makes me really mad.

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      Some people don't think of others. I understand the frustration, but I find things to do special for my mom... Since I'm the only one that can do that (my oldest brother would, but he lives half way across the country), it makes it more special for my mom. Yeah, she wishes the two that were would do stuff, but she is thankful for what she does get. And my dad doesn't celebrate anything... at all.. nothing.
      I agree it's crappy. Just make the time you spend with her extra special in some way.
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