Father of son in jail.

Hi all,
I'm new to this site, and looking for some peace of mind. My sons father is incarcerated, we don't talk, never really communicated. My question is how do I re-introduce him to my son. I don't trust him obviously, but I don't want to block my sons bond. The father and his now wife were selling drugs out of their home, they got into a physical fight and the cops were called. How do I let go of these feelings of hate for them both? How do I let my son enjoy the father he never bonded with?
Thank You

    Therapy helps.
      Lenae Johnson
      Therapy might help but if the father and wife aren't going then what's the point. You are the one that has to protect your baby. I was in a similar situation all because I tried to let the father be in his sons life and he took my baby to a house that he knew wasn't safe. I had to call the cops to get him out of the house and the father is the one that kept texting and telling me to call them. Now WE both know he's never taking my baby alone again. I took the chance and it was a bad and scary chance that will never happen again. The only way he will get him is if we meet somewhere or I'm fine with him taking him to his grandfather's house. No where else...
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