A parent hit my son today...

So it's been a few hours since I found out another parent at my kids daycare slapped my 5 year old and was screaming at my 8 year old. I'm not big on my kids fighting but since they started this daycare after school I realized they have been getting picked on quite a bit and every time I bring it up to the teachers they always tell me all the boys play rough and my kids weren't able to handle it. So I did tell them if someone hits you don't stand there crying about it and hit them back since the teachers aren't doing anything about it. So my 8 year old said they were playing and but he didn't want to play with this 1 child BC he said he plays to rough. He said the boy punched him in front of one of the teachers and the teacher didn't do anything like normal so he punch him back. When his mother came he told his mother and she started screaming at him so loud that it made other teachers come from their classrooms to see what was going on. Her son at the same time then goes and punches my 5 yr old in front of his mother and a teacher and when my 5 yr old hit him back they said that's when she smacked him and started yelling at him....I never got a phone call and when I got there none of the teachers told me anything....it took the janitor to tell me what happened....the freaking janitor...it should have been the teachers that told me what happened. I should have gotten a phone call or something....now they want me to meet with the mother tomorrow....now in the beginning all I could think about was slapping her and letting her deal with an adult but I thought about and realized I have too much to lose right now and the way i feel we will never be able to really talk about that....nothing she can say can justify what she did and lm going to have the police meet me there. I'm completely done with the school now....I caught one of the teachers just last week spanking one of the little girls in the baby room and come to find out her and the other parent are best friends....smh....I bet they still never told that little girls mother what happened. They removed her from the babies room completely but I don't believe she stopped hitting the kids...

Lenae JohnsonMaplewood, New Jersey
    Alyssa Martinez
    I would def go to the board of directors and request to sit in on a day. Then have them review and see what is going on. Always go to the head.
      Melissa Middleton
      I'd be livid as well! I hope something is done and you can find a better daycare. That one needs to be shut down.
      Melissa Middleton
      How are your boys doing now?
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