Well I have not updated in a long time! So many changes! We moved at the beginning of March. I started feeling a little sick a couple days later and knew I was late, but never would have thought I would get a positive pregnancy test. but sure enough.... we are PREGNANT! Our daughter just turned 6 on May 13th. We were not planning on more babies. But are very excited. We are having a boy. :) I have so many emotions because my husband and I are older. I actually will be 40 in August (baby is due in October) and my husband just turned 50 in Feb. So yeah never even considered we could be having another. But I can't wait! My daughter is pretty excited she talks to my belly every day and kisses him. She wasn't happy at first that it was a boy and she still wishes we would be having a girl. She gets to see the baby on an ultrasound for the first time May 31st. She has seen pictures already but not actually got to see them do it. I am excited for that! :) So yeah just a bit of news! lol

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