Is it normal?

Hey all! I'm 10 weeks pregnant and I'm finding difficulty falling asleep. Is it normal? I'm currently not working and I'm at home all day. I have no other difficulties, just not getting proper sleep. My doctor has recommended me to go out somewhere for a short trip and give myself a change and that I'll be fine soon. My husband too, has booked a lodge in Algonquin Park… for this weekend. But, I'm really not sure whether this is required. I mean, will it do any good? Won't staying at home be more safe? Could anyone give me any other solution please.

    Alyssa Martinez
    It is great to get out. You can start loosing your mind if your at your house for too long. It is good to get out and walk. My doctor always wanted me walking. It helped my blood flow and got the babies moving around. (i had twins) I was a beach bum so I spent alot of time in the water and walking. I think it will be fun and gives you and your husband some fun time together. HAVE FUN!
      It's totally normal to have difficulties falling asleep when you're pregnant and don't matter if your a few weeks,few months or close to having baby. Getting out is always a good thing when you're pregnant and it's especially good during the first 2 trimesters. As soon as you hit 7 months they don't recommend traveling by airplane. When you hit the 3rd trimester it's better to stay closer to home, but still get out and do stuff. I recommend a pregnancy pillow for the difficulty sleeping. It helped with all my pregnancies.
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