The benefits of letting your litte one cry it out????

For about a week now, my 17 month old has been screaming for at least an hour when I try to put her to bed. I have been trying to let her cry it out but she keeps getting her self so upset where she is almost getting sick to her stomach. I realize it is good to teach them the cry it out method, but at what cost...............I was making really good progress with her getting her to sleep thru the night and she wasn't giving me a hard time when I put her to bed. At this point, I am trying to prevent her from getting back into her old bad sleeping habits. Any recommendations?

    Ashley was the same way. I made her nap time shorter each day until she was down to not having a nap at all. Then id give her a bath about an hour before the time i want her to go to sleep. Then id let her play in the tub until the water got a little cold. I had her In one of those seats that you place in the tub for babies. Then once she was all dried off id put her pajamas on then let her play a little more in the living room until she started to rub her eyes. Then id get her a sippy cup of milk. And shed fall sleep shortly after.
      Alyssa Martinez
      Do you think she is in pain? My one twin would cry and cry every night and we found out he had something wrong in his stomach. If that isnt the case then yes I would let them cry it out. My boys are 10 and when they act up and cry to try to get their way I make them cry it out. I think its the best thing. My mother in law used to pick up my daughter when she would cry. She got to the point where she knew that when she cried she would be picked up and get her way. It was a nightmare. Your doing the right thing.
        As they start to learn new things, they will stop sleeping through the night. If she naps, maybe try taking away nap time. I know that with my son we had to stop doing naps at about that age because then he wouldn't sleep at night. It pretty much ended most of that. Now that he is a little older, we do rest time where he has to lay down for about an hour during that day if we are home, but he does not have to sleep. It has really helped the screaming at night and he no longer does it.
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