Stubborn Baby Tooth

I need some assistance here. My little guy is getting his big boy teeth in and he has one very stubborn baby teeth still wiggling around in there and now the big tooth is coming in behind it at an angle like the first one did (but the first one is beginning to straighten out in the hole where the other baby tooth was). The tooth is all wiggly, but its refusing to take the fall lol.

I read that if you brush it in little circles it will eventually loosen up even more. Does anyone else have any ideas that will get this thing to come out. I figure if it is not out within the next week or so I am gonna take him to the dentist to have it pulled, but I would like to see it come out on its own.

Any ideas?

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      Thats what I'd do tell him to wiggle it as much as he can. The looser it gets the sooner it'll fall out on it's own.
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