Daughters speech getting better

Well I have all of the info I need to get her into speech therapy for next year but I am noticing that she is speaking a lot better compared to where she was at the start of the year. We are continuing to work with her at home, and even her brother has been helping her out pronouncing her words...its so cute to watch.

I will still use the info I got for the speech therapist and see if we can get her the rest of the way before she starts Kindergarten.

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    My nephew's kind of going threw the same thing. He's had a lot of issues with his parents over the last couple years and resulting from it he has a pretty bad stutter. His maternal grandmother who has temporary custody until the court date in January is suppose to be getting him into some kind of speech therapy. I try to help him as much as possible but I can only do so much since I only have him on the weekends and not so sure his grandmothers going to continue to let that happen :(. But anyways I just tell him slow down think about what your going to say then just say it.
      8Theresa Gould
      It's great to hear you are seeing an improvement!
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