Lont couple of months

Seems like I post on here every couple of months or so because of being busy. You moms understand.

Ashley is doing better since her surgery on her left knee about 2 months ago. Hasn't been falling at all. Shr turned 4 this month on the 17th. The time has flown by so quickly with her the last 4 years. She has come out of her shell A LOT since she started school.

With Theresa, she is doing really good. Turned 9 months this month. We were going to have her palette repaired back a couple of months ago. But due to her iron being low, her surgeon pushed back the surgery date to June 6th. In a way it is a goos thing. We were able to put more weight on her, and she was able to grow some of her own palette tissue for the surgeon work with.Going for a CBC( complete blood count) for her today to check mostly her iron count today.

Sorry moms for the long and late post. Will keep everyone updated as much as I can about Theresa's surgery. Have a good weekend with your families.

    Melissa Middleton
    I hope and pray the surgery goes well.
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