Is it normal for your big kid to have body odor

I think it's normal. Newborn baby smells with the milk, then he starts to smell like what I call "puppy", etc. Every child (and adult too) smells in their own way, and every mom knows the smell of her child.

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    LOL! This made me laugh out loud... I was just talking about this.. My stepson, whom I've known since he was 6 months old (he's almost 13!!).. around 8, 9... he started to get what we called, "Funky".. at the end of the day... Even if it's wasn't hot or he hadn't played his sport that day, there's just a general sort of gamey smell... It's not bad.. .it's not BO.. it's just... what we called.. "boy"..

    My nine year old has yet to have it.. unless I just don't smell it.. you know sometimes you can't smell what you're accustomed to... But I'm willing to bet he's clean... But I'm ready... and aware.. I don't want him to be the stinky kid...
      8Theresa Gould

      Yes, I believe it is too.