God Does Mirarcles

A couple of months ago I had two dreams with Baby Josiah that he was sick and that he was born before time. But in the dream I heard a voice telling me the meaning of his name which is Jehova has healed. I didn't understand why I was having those dreams. Months later we went to a doctor appointment which the doctor indicated that the baby had what they call a VARIX VEIN. Which means that the umbilical cord is enlarge. When the umbilical cord is enlarge it can harm the baby to the point that he can be born stillborn. But in that moment I remember the previous dreams that I had telling me that Jehova has healed. Doubt came into my heart and fear. But the meaning of his name kept coming to my heart. We went to several doctors appointments and the umbilical cord kept on growing but I was trusting on the Lord. I went to church on a Sunday morning and I told God that I needed prayer and Pastor Dave did something different which he stated that he will pray for anyone that was sick I said to myself God heard me. I past to the front for prayer. After he prayed for the group I went to sit down. Pastor Jessie ask me if they had prayed for me individually I stated no. She prayed for me while pastor Dave stated from the altar for all of the moms of the church to pray over me. That day God did a miracle in baby Josiah. The following day I had a weekly appointment. They did our weekly sonogram everything was looking good. They check the umbilical cord. In which our previous visit had measured 12.2mm and when they measured on that day it was 9.3mm. The technician look confused. She couldn't believe that the measurement had charged. Then we went the following week and the umbilical cord measured 8.7mm. God is good. The day that I gave birth the speciality check baby Josiah and stated that there was no problems with his umbilical cord. God is still in the business of miracles. In the bible says ““Ask and it will be given to you; seek and you will find; knock and the door will be opened to you.”
‭‭Matthew‬ ‭7:7‬ ‭NIV‬‬

Thank you Lord for your faithfulness!!!

    Melissa Middleton
    Amen and amen!!
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