Is it safe to have chocolates during pregnancy?

My daughter is 8 weeks pregnant now and she has asked me to make chocolate brownies and send it to her. Chocolate brownies are her cravings and I would really enjoy making chocolate brownies for her. But I’m really not sure whether chocolates are good for her, at this time of pregnancy. Since it’s her cravings, will it be okay for her to have a small portion of it. I’m however searching for the best recipes for it and have also searched for good packaging to send it to her to Geneva… . But would really want to know whether having small portions of chocolate will be any harm to her or not

    Melissa Middleton
    I ate it. I limited caffeine though.
      Unsafe foods during pregnancy:
      Foods You Shouldn't Eat While Pregnant. Raw Meat: Uncooked seafood and rare or under cooked beef or poultry should be avoided because of the risk of contamination with coliform bacteria, toxoplasmosis, and salmonella. Deli Meat: Deli meats have been known to be contaminated with listeria, which can cause miscarriage.
      Chocolate and caffeine in moderation is fine, just small amounts per day.
        Chocolate is fine in moderation because it does contain caffeine, same thing with drinking coffee during pregnancy. They say that a pregnant woman shouldn't have more than 200 mg of caffeine a day.
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