What is the treatment for toddler with diarrhea

​The first is to visit a doctor, you need to be sure that it is not an infection. If it's just indigestion, then you need to put a child on a diet: no milk and dairy products, no fresh fruits and no fresh vegetables (just steamed potato), no fresh bread crumbs only (do yourself in the oven) with white bread; you can eat: the rice (well cooked or steamed), steam the meat and meat products (preferably beef or poultry (breast part)), chicken broth (no fat) , porridge cooked with water: oat or rice.Diarrhea is dangerous for children, especially, because of very fast dehydration. So you need to drink plenty of fluids, but do not just drink water but drink often and in small portions so that the fluid has time to assimilate (but nono juice or soda). And of course to take chelators and to wash a hands.

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    We had our pediatricians recommend pedialyte.