Need advice on how to convince.

Hey all! It's been almost 2 years of marriage and I really want to become a mom now. But it's quite hard to convince my husband. He is working as a consultant in a firm and is mostly out of town for work. He is waiting for a promotion after which he might not have to travel so much. He doesn't want children until then. But it's almost 2 years now and I feel it's high time we have a baby and moreover, there's no guarantee as to when he will get this promotion. How long should I be waiting. Last time I spoke to him about this, we ended up in a severe argument and so I don't know how to speak about this anymore. However, we are planning for a trip next month. A cruise trip to Michigan Island. It's an 8 days trip and it's just some of our close friends we are going with. Will it be okay if I speak to him about this, during the trip. He is very happy and excited about this trip. I hope I don't end up spoiling his mood. But I just can't keep feeling like this. I feel so sad when I see all my friends with their kids. But my husband doesn't understand all this. Please advice me as to how I convince my husband. Here's the itinerary of the trip.… I'm thinking I'll talk to him after we return from Milwaukee, so that not most of the trip is spoiled. I hope everything works out fine.

    i understand your concern about wanting kids but hes thinking about the future .he wants to have a secure income to provide for you and ur future family. trust me the time will come when hes ready just give him time im sure he does too want to be a dad. just enjoy your trip and have a good time ........... just hang in there and please will all the respect u deserve you need to stop bugging him about it. the more you ask him he will be more irritated with u and hes not going to enjoy having a baby with u when the time comes. i know because i have 2 kids and my husband bugs me alot about having a third one and im not ready for another one so i just simply dont want to have anything with him. just enjoy ur married life and go out and have fun. Enjoy each others company while u still can cuz once a baby comes u will miss it. tell him u love him and when the time is right then u can have a baby. You have alot of time for that.

    Well enjoy ur trip and have fun. if u need to talk to someone im here for u. :)
      just so u know we waited 5 years into our marriage to have kids we wanted to have a secure income and a stable home before we had kids. enjoy each others company and go out have fun go scuba diving its super fun try new things before the baby comes cuz u wont have time for any of that once he or she arrives.
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      Hey all! Just trying to convince my hubby. Hope to become a mom soon.
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