baby shower drama

So my baby shower is next month. And this is my parents first grandchild. So my mom and grandma are hosting/throwing my shower. But my sister in law keeps talking to my husband behind my back about so much drama about wanting to do almost every part for the shower. I want her and my mother in law to help as much as possible but my mom gets upset because she doesn't like to share things. Like ever since we found out we We're having a baby it seems like it became craziness for both sides of the families. It's stressing me out and I don't know how to keep peace with both sides.

    I was in the same boat as you when I was pregnant with James. My mother-in-law and my mom are completely different in terms of ideas. To be honest, my mother-in-law understood me more while I was pregnant since I lived with her. Just so I didn't ruin my relationship with her, I asked if it was okay for my aunt to throw my shower. She agreed only because we would throw another one for just her friends and the family later. We had two showers before James being born(one for my family and one for hers) and then a see and sit party shortly after he was born for family friends. Trust me I know it's hard when a mom doesn't like to share things especially if it's the first Grandchild. I hate to say it but find a compromise for example have your mother-in-law do one thing and your mom do another.
      I tried to get them to each do something. But it's my sister in law causing all the drama and stress. And my husband is taking her side and not even listening to me. I almost feel like I don't even want this shower anymore and it's at the end of next month.
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