Does the stress ever go away about gaining weight for the baby? My last doc appt I found out I gained more than I should have. And so it spiked my blood pressure a bit. Because I was scared that I weighed as much as I did. And I weigh more than my husband. And this morning before he left for work he asked me if I have been weighing myself and I said no. And I can tell that the weight is an issue to him because he comes from an athletic build family. I am not huge at all. I have only gained weight in my belly. But he also has instagram and when he gets depressed about my looks he looks on there at half naked girls. And it upsets me and makes me feel more depressed. But when I weighed myself after he left for work this morning I lost 5lbs. But my doctor also said it could also be just water weight. Is there a healthy way to lose some of that water weight but to still be healthy for the baby?

    As long as you are healthy and baby is healthy don't worry about the weight. You are growing a human and everybody's body reacts different to that. You're body will react different with each baby, too. Most women gain around 50 pounds, some more, some less but that's the average. You also need to be prepared-and apparently prepare your husband-that the weight is not just going to drop off. you need to give yourself time-like six months to a year AT LEAST to get back to the weight you were at pre pregnancy.
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