At what age did you start potty training your little ones?

At Renee's 18 month check-up, her pediatrician asked if we had started potty training at all with her. It seemed little crazy because she is only a year and 1/2, but have any of you started potty training at this age and if so, did it actually click with your little ones and work?

    I started potty training early, around 10 months old. She liked it and I kept trying and by age 2 she's been in big girl underwear. Just takes practice, she's learning how to wipe properly now. :)
      Melissa Middleton
      My son is 2.5 yrs old and still not interested. He takes off his diaper when he has done something but still tells me no or cries when I put him on the potty. I am waiting until he is ready. I just keep trying every 2 months or so.
        You should start potty training with first words and walk, which ever one comes first. They don't want that on them either.
          I started potty training my youngest when she was about 21 months old and she was completely potty trained when she was 2 years and almost 2 months. She is now 2 and a half and has an occasional accident no more pull ups. my oldest i started when she was also around 20 months and she started to do well and then she just didnt show any interest in anymore. By the time she was completely potty trained she was a couple months past 3, luckily it was couple months before I was due to have her sister.
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