hey... so im 173 pounds :/ and i wanted to know if i try and have a baby would the baby still come out healthy ? or do i need to loose a lot of wieght first?

    Melissa Middleton
    The baby will come out healthy if you eat right, avoid drugs, alcohol, smoking, and do not over work yourself. Weight has nothing to do with it. Sometimes babies will have a few health issues, depending on the mother's and father's history of health. I never lost all of the baby weight with my second and she came out healthy. I was 190 when I conceived her.
    Melissa Middleton
    You are very welcome. :)
      It's good to be in a healthy weight range for your own health sake, your baby will be fine as long as you do what's right. There's no absolute guarantee that babes come out perfect but follow the doctors guide lines and you and your child should be fine.
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      i am planning on having my first child, but i would like some advice