LOL conversation w/Bella

At Bella's 8 year check with this week, the pediatrician advised that the time to start talking to Bella about Training Bra's would be coming up soon. So, here we go:
Me: So Bella, you know how mommy where's a bra, there comes a time where you will need to start wearing one as well.
Bella: Why
Me: It is part of growing up and "Your Girls" will need to be covered up for modesty purposes.
Bella: (imagine the horrified face a child makes when their favorite toy taken away from them) Screams No, I will not do it, I do not want to wear one................and then she proceeds to walk away from me.
My husband walks in the kitchen while this conversation is taking place, says "I want no parts of this" and turns around and walks right out :) Yep

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