Off birth control

How long till your body gets back to normal !?
What is the best birth control !?
Want to try something different !!!

    every woman is different but for me after depo it was a month maybe two. After mirena within days. Im not sure which is best because i havent tried many. But all of them have their pros and cons. I personally liked the mirena over the depo simply because depo made me eat way more than i needed to. I also tried pills when i was younger but its a bit much trying to remember to taske them at the same time each day. Also pills can easily be missed and you get no protection.
      It depends on your body, how long you've been on it and many other factors. Birth control can really mess up your body's natural rhythm.
      I was only on the pill or patch. I know I gained a lot of weight and it took 3 years for my body to get back to normal.. My sister in law was on birth control for 8 years, then it took another 5 and in vitro to be able to get pregnant.
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