Please help!!

I have taken a total of 6 pregnancy test and they have all came back positive. I have called an scheduled an appointment with my ob but they cant get me in until august 29th. Do u think im pregnant i just overeating? Please help me please.

    Just advice.
      my positive pregnancy test came up on my birthday (June 24th) and the doctor saw me about a month later. Before a certain date, it's hard to detect on an ultra sound.
        Melissa Middleton
        As the ladies above stated, they normally do not see someone until they are 2 months or more along.
        My kids (youngest two) are almost 25 months along and they adore each other. My son loves his baby sister and likes to get on the floor to play with her or hug and kiss on her. He even likes to give her her bottle or pacie. It may feel rough in the beginning but you will get into the swing of things. Plus, they will make great playmates for one another when the youngest gets a bit older.
          Thank you ladies. Is it also to cramp the first month or so? With my son i do not remember any cramping at all. And i hope my son takes to having a new baby in the house. Hes 1 now and will be 2 a month after the new baby is born. Is it super hard to adjust the oler sibling. I am cramping in my back and spurts on cramps in my lower abdomen. There is no blood or anything just a little cramping.
            @Tabitha it can still be implantation even though im already 5 weeks?
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