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So I let my 1yr spend the night with his godmother about 2 weeks ago. We were just there this past weekend and I found out that her boyfriend of only 1yr that lives there took a shower with my son and her 5yr son. NO ONE in that house thought there was a problem with that. Am I wrong for being upset about that. I don't even like being naked in front of my baby b/c he stares at 1yrs old already. I have 3 boys and none of them took showers with their father. I'm afraid to tell his father b/c I think it would cause a major problem. I know him from being around every once in a while but just started warming up to him a few months ago. I didn't like him at all bc he has a bad attitude at times so I just didn't deal with him. He seems nice but that shower part I was not happy about. Then I only found out b/c my son loves water, he said when he went in the bathroom my son was just sitting in the tub playing with toys(no water) so he turned it on and took his clothes off and let my son and her son get in. Then he went into when my baby spent the night with them 2 weeks ago that it was easier for them all to just take a shower together to get it over with quickly. He had his friends around when we were there so I didn't want to embarrass him but I'm really mad at her b/c she knows I don't even want my son sleeping with that man let alone take a shower with him, and she didn't even tell me about it. I sent her a text about it and tried to call but she wont answer and now wont respond to my messages. I know her ex husband would not like that his son is taking showers with this man. She has 2 daughters and she would have a fit if her ex husbands girlfriend took a shower with her daughters so why would her allow him to take a shower with my son and her son...

Lenae JohnsonMaplewood, New Jersey
    I would find a new sitter for your kids and make sure its with someone you trust. That is an uncomfortable situation and one that should be disscused with the guy who did it too.
      Melissa Middleton
      That is rather strange and would make me feel very uncomfortable as well. I would not send your children back there, either. I also agree with Lindsay and Tabitha. It is not right. That man had no right doing that.
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