Head Lice...........Ugh

A notice came home from my girls daycare/summer camp is that there is five cases of head lice in my oldest's summer camp room. She is complaining that her head is itchy, but I cannot see anything. I guess the next step is taking her to a doctor to confirm if she truly has head lice 10 day prior to regular school starting :(

    3Annie Shields
    Usually the health dept will do a free check for head lice. I did this after a hair salon tried to tell me I had lice and they wouldnt cut my hair till they were gone. I knew I didnt have them(I have adult cradle cap) but had the health dept check anyways so I could have a note to take back to them.
      there are a few time in my daughter school that there was head lice. we use shampoo on her here and there for it. they don't like the smell that is in it
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