Picky 5 year old

How do I get my overly picky son to eat what I make?

    my daughter is picky also. we tell her she at least has to try it first and then i go from there.
      My daughter is the same way. She only eat anything with red sauce, rice, and noodles. I don't think he is ever going to get over it but hopefully he will.
        My kid id not that picky because he's just 11 months old. But my sister's daughter is too picky. My sister used to cook well, but her daughter ( Sarah) doesn't like it. One day we ordered pizza delivery online ( http://www.freshslice.com/feast-pizza-menu/ ) and for Sarah my sister had prepared vegetable salad. She was too adamant that she'll never eat it. Once we got the pizza, her eyes were completely concentrating there. She started crying for pizza. We got an idea an said that if she eats the vegetable salad completely, we'll give her a piece of pizza. Within few seconds she ate the salad completely and stood before us smiling. We gave her a piece of pizza. We got the trick to make her eat. We'll buy her favorite food and tell her that we'll give it only if she eats her food completely. I think this'll work with most of the kids.
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